About Sivamathy


Sivamathy Selvakumaran is many things: filmmaker, writer, director, creative producer, activist, speaker and educator…among many things.

Born in London and raised in Canada, Sheffield and Madrid (and with a foot firmly planted in her Sri Lankan heritage), she grew up never seeing herself reflected in the media - so she decided to do something about it.

She understands the power of representation and has a passion for telling real, authentic stories that move the needle. Her background in activism as a campaigner in the disability rights movement, and her upbringing as a third culture kid, fuels her desire to change culture and reframe the narrative around marginalised and overlooked people.

In 2018 she was longlisted for the Bumble Female Film Force competition, reaching the final 23 of 1100 pitches. She has also trained with national programmes such as the Regional Theatre Young Directors Scheme and the Edinburgh Fringe Emerging Producers Development Programme. She is currently writing her first feature-length screenplay, inspired by her experiences as a disabled woman growing up across several cultures.